The Caney Valley Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc.

Annual Meeting 

     Our 2017 Annual Meeting was held Friday, March 24, at the Cedar Vale school


    Trustees for Position #2 in each district were all re-elected.  A free meal was 

 provided for approximately 500 members and guests attending, and numerous prizes were given throughout the evening, as well as attendance prizes for all who came through the door.  


   Scholarship recipients for the 2017-2018 school year were announced as follows:

1) Wade Hand, Cedar Vale High School

2) Noah Rhodd, Cedar Vale High School

3) Mirriah Wallingford, Central of Burden

4) MacKenzie Glasse, Dexter High School

5) Parker Holloway, Dexter High School

6) Andrew Lampson, Sedan High School

7) Haley Williams, Sedan High School

  Students selected to attend the 2017 KEC Youth Leadership Camp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in July are Kinsey Wiseman, West Elk High School, and Cassandra Wittmeier, Andover eCademy.


    Thanks to all who attended and participated in your electric cooperative meeting!