The Caney Valley Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc.

Rates & By-Laws

    The rates are set by a 9-member Board of Trustees who oversees the operations of the cooperative.  The current rates have been in effect since 1999, when they were reduced by 3.5% from the rates established in 1993.


Residential Rates                        (click here to access our Residential Rate Chart)

        The monthly Customer Charge is $7.00 per month.


        There are 2 separate rates for the Energy Charge:

                Summer Rate (usage during months of June through September)    10.66 cents/kWh

                Winter Rate (usage during months of october through May)           10.06 cents/kWh



Small Commercial Services                  (click here to access our  Commercial Rate Chart)

        The monthly Customer charge is $8.00 per month for single-phase service, and $11.00 per month for three-phase service.


        There are 2 separate rates for the Energy Charge:

                Summer Rate (usage during months of June through September)    10.12 cents/kWh

                Winter Rate (usage during months of October through May)            9.52 cents/kWh



Minimum Charges

        The minimum monthly charge under the above rates shall be the monthly customer charge where 5 kVA or less of transformer capacity is required. For customers requiring more than 5 kVA of transformer capacity, the minimum shall be increased at the rate of $.75 for each additional kVA or fraction thereof.  If you don't know your minimum monthly charge, please contact our office to find out.


Power Cost Adjustment

        In 2002, due to the increased costs of purchasing power, the Board of Trustees implemented a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA).  The PCA is used only for the purpose of recovering the cost of power purchased from the cooperative's power supplier which exceeds or is less than 5 cents per kWh.


        The PCA factor varies each month, depending on the average cost of power purchased that month, and the kilowatt hours used by the customer.  For your reference, this factor is printed monthy in the Kansas Country Living magazine.  The PCA is calculated by our billing department and printed on your bill.                 

Cooperative By-Laws

    Caney Valley's By-Laws were first set up by the original Board of Trustees.  They have been revised from time to time by majority vote of the members at annual meetings.